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Moving In

Final Walk-Through Inspection.

The day of closing, or the day before, you and Heather should walk through and inspect the property in order to verify that everything okay.

Home Services and Utilities.

Prior to closing, your agent will present you with a list of service and utilities companies.

Be Prepared.

Heather stands ready to assist you with any last minute problems or needs. Once in awhile those things occur, but they should not be thought of as insurmountable or there to cause you undue stress.


The principal parties in the transaction will receive a settlement statement summarizing all the details and financial transactions. You, the seller and the closing agent will certify the statement’s accuracy and will sign it.  You will also sign all documentation required by the lender, and to present funds as a wire transfer or certified check. Alternate arrangements are possible if you cannot attend the closing.  At closing, you will receive keys and any relevant information from the seller.