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Property Shopping

Having examined your motives, goals and objectives, established your financial status and chosen your real estate professional, it is time to begin the search for the perfect property.

Take a Drive and a Walkabout.

In fact, you will probably want to take several of them.  Once you have narrowed your choices of communities and neighborhoods, you will want to get a true feel for what residence there would be like. Consider visiting churches and schools, retail shops, galleries and whatever else interests you and is valuable to your everyday life. You might even want to talk to locals and potential neighbors.

Narrow Your Search.

Heather can assist you with your choice of the most interesting and suitable properties in the area. She will pre-screen the options and make appointments for you to view them.

Time to Buy.

Once you have chosen your ideal property, Heather will research the likely associated costs — including any permits necessary for renovation, immediate and potential long-term repair, taxes, homeowner dues and so on. You and your agent will then work together to draft a good offer and it will be presented the seller.