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Accepting an Offer

It is More Than Just the Price.

A good offer consists of much more than a good price. The small details are always extremely important as well.  Heather is there to help you evaluate every aspect of each legitimate offer in order to decide whether or not to accept it.

Effective, Ethical Negotiating.

Negotiating the terms of a contract in a fair and ethical manner is paramount. Heather is known for crafting win-win outcomes benefiting all parties involved in the transaction. That has been a key to her success and the optimum outcome for her clients. It is especially important in multiple-offer situations.

The Initial Agreement and Deposit.
Legitimate real estate agreements call for an initial deposit, usually with additional deposits required along the way. The closing agent holds them in an escrow account until all conditions and contingencies of the agreement are met.

A couple of ways to expedite the process are:

  • Written records.
    Make certain all verbal agreements such as addendums and counter-offers are entered in writing and signed by both parties. Heather will draft all of the paperwork and make sure you have copies.
  • Abide by the schedule.
    Unimpeded negotiations, a smooth ride throughout the escrow period and avoiding any breech of contract are all dependent upon both parties meeting the timeline set forth in the agreement. Heather will keep you well-prepared,well-informed and on track.