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Buying Your Next Home

Final Walk-Through.

The day of closing, or the day before, the buyer and his or her agent will walk through the property to verify that everything is in order. Heather will be on-hand for this final inspection.

Home Services and Utilities.

Heather will provide you the contact information you will need in order to de-activate services and utilities.

Just In Case.

Last-minute glitches sometimes happen, but they are seldom unfixable. If one does occur, Heather will be there to make sure a solution is attained efficiently and expeditiously.


A settlement statement will be supplied to all parties involved in the transaction by the closing agent. He or she as well as the buyer and you will all sign the document to verify that all is in order. Funds will be supplied in the form of a wire transfer or certified check and you will turn over keys to the property and all relevant information to the seller. Arrangements can be made if you are unable to attend the closing.