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Decide to Sell

Begin the process by clarifying your reasons for selling a Columbus, Ohio home and drafting a basic time frame based on your realistic needs.

Why Am I Selling?

Make sure your reasons for selling your property are clear, accurate and pragmatic rather than emotional. Immediate needs, preconceptions and emotional upheaval can influence objectivity. It is important to consider your financial situation and projected changes in it, your lifestyle and potential opportunities. After taking a deep breath, ask yourself “What are my true motives, goals and objectives?” Remember: You are always welcome to call Heather for guidance.

Should I Sell Now?

In addition to establishing your needs, you should also consider the real estate market in your Columbus area community or neighborhood. Heather Chadwell can provide an expert market analysis and comprehensive action plan. Meet with her to evaluate the market conditions and discuss if the most favorable time to sell is now. Whether the answer is yes or no, you can rest assured that your expert real estate professional will provide you with honest answers based on integrity and in-depth market knowledge.

The Current Market

Up-to-date, detailed market analyses are available to you. Heather will interpret them and go over them with you; explaining them thoroughly and answering your questions. Current pricing, price trends and projections, potential competition and other factors will be considered for your community and your specific neighborhood. Analysis and interpretation of this vital information is an important part of Heather’s expertise and job.

The Financial Picture

Your current and future financial considerations are important factors in your decision to sell your property. Tax savings, estate planning and many other potential impacts on your fiscal well-being should be evaluated. Heather will work with you and your financial planner to facilitate the best strategy unique to your situation.