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Escrow Inspections and Appraisals

The buyer will have your property inspected by a licensed property inspector and/or several specialized inspectors.  In addition, if a lending institution is involved on behalf of the buyer, the firm will require appraisal by a licensed real estate appraiser.

The Closing Agent.
The closing agent will be a title company or attorney who will assume the responsibility of researching and ensuring a clear title. Any new encumbrances will be included in the new title.

The buyer and his or her agent will scrutinize every aspect of the property, including:

  • Reviewing all documents.
  • Professional inspections such as roof, fireplace, chimney, pest, septic, pool, well, mold, lead-based paint and so on.

One of two things may happen depending on the outcome of these inspections:

  1. Contingencies will be removed and you will move a step closer to closing, or . . .
  2. The buyer may request a contract renegotiation.

Meeting contingencies and finding creative solutions to any problems are aspects vital to the success of any real estate transaction. Heather has become a specialist in that area and has established an impeccable track record of resolving contingency matters.

If the buyer requests a renegotiation, it is best to rely on Heather’s professional experience and expertise since an objective approach free of emotions is imperative.

Loan Approval.
It is strongly suggested that you consider only potential buyers presenting a lender’s pre-approval letter or written loan commitment.