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The Short North

The Short North: An Overview

Among the districts in Columbus, Ohio, the enclave known as “Short North” is perhaps the hippest, trendiest, and most colorful of all. Culturally rich and diverse, the area rests just north of downtown and, centering along High Street, runs south to just beyond the campus of Ohio State University.

The Short North Arts District is the cultural and entertainment spine between the Italian Village neighborhood on the east and Victorian Village on the west. Turn-of-the-20th century brick buildings, tightly-packed and mostly renovated, are home to art galleries, shops, galleries, cafes, pubs and nightclubs. The neighborhood is quite LGBTQ-friendly and has hosted the annual Columbus Pride parade and festival since 1981.

A Bit of Short North History

Receiving the moniker “short north” from local police due to its location just north of Columbus’s central business district, the neighborhood evolved from a past filled with crime, drugs and squatters, to its current incarnation as a vibrant arts and entertainment mecca. The first art galleries opened here in the early 1980s, the popular Doo Dah Parade followed, and the Short North was on to a whirlwind of rehabilitation and gentrification.

Short North Real Estate

Short North residential real estate includes vintage apartments, townhouses and new and nearly-new condo developments. If you’re looking for “industrial chic,” known for exposed brick walls, hardwood floors, high ceilings, and stainless appliances, Short North living is for you.


Short North Arts District Neighborhood events, dining, shopping, lodging, and celebrating the arts
Short North Alliance A sort of “Chamber of Commerce” supporting and promoting local businesses and events.
Short North Gazette Independent newspaper serving the community since 1987
Short North Civic Association Advocacy and sponsoring of projects benefitting business owners, homeowners, renters and employees

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